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BRMT for Sustainable Health Part 1

This 2 day in-person course deals with the great importance of diet and food supplements when working with rhythmic movements, not only in autism but also in ADHD, dyslexia and motor problems. Food intolerance is becoming more and more common and may interfere with the training. This course teaches how to test for food intolerance […]

BRMT Level One in Romania

Level One is a comprehensive introduction to Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training. In this course, participants learn the basics of BRMT and gain an understanding of how rhythmic exercises can be utilized to regulate muscle tone and stimulate the brain, improve attention, impulse control, and physical development. This course involves a combination of theory and practice. […]

BRMT Level Three: Rhythmic Movement Training and Primitive Reflexes (In Person)

This course deals with how our reading and writing ability is affected by various factors such as vision, articulation and motor ability. We learn how to test for non-integrated primitive reflexes and recognize other motor disabilities that are important for dyslexia. Additionally, we learn how to improve reading and writing ability by correcting these problems […]

BRMT Level Two in Romania

RHYTHMIC MOVEMENT TRAINING, EMOTIONS, AND INNER LEADERSHIP, THE LIMBIC SYSTEM Participants will study the relationships between reflexes and our emotions, our challenges, our fears, and paralysis due to fear. It clarifies the role of the limbic system in emotional control and stress, and how the BRMT integrative exercises are very effective for working with individuals […]

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